the researcher’s social projection shaped by his visibility and impact, will build a solid digital identity. In this sense, academic and social networks allow Lebanon WhatsApp Number List researchers to work collaboratively, share, disseminate and connect their work with a number of researchers that would otherwise be impossible: Research Gate , 6 million users and 70 million documents. Edu Academy , 18 million users, 5 million publications. Mendeley , 3 million users and million references. Lebanon WhatsApp Number List billion users. Twitter , 313 million active users. Lebanon WhatsApp Number List , 500 million users worldwide. Google Plus , 540 million users. Lebanon WhatsApp Number List Taking these figures into account, how to streamline research in networks to achieve

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maximum dissemination? The first step is to upload the work file Lebanon WhatsApp Number List (if the journal allows it in its accessibility policy) to different academic networks: ResearchGate, Lebanon WhatsApp Number List and Mendeley, or failing that, a summary or abstract that contains a link to the publication. The second step involves setting a daily publication (or every other day for a week) with a different text for each network (Facebook, Twitter, Mendeley and Lebanon WhatsApp Number List ) and linking the article every day from a different network (ResearchGate, AcademisEdu and Lebanon WhatsApp Number List ) In this way, the flow of users visiting the researcher’s profile in the different networks will be increased.

Lebanon WhatsApp Number List

This will increase the visibility of both the researcher and your research. Lebanon WhatsApp Number List The third key is to use the ideal communication codes for the networks to maximize their possibilities: Lebanon WhatsApp Number List using hashtags or labels, mentions of people who are interested in reaching directly, links to the profiles or Lebanon WhatsApp Number List publication magazines, as well as the specific language that reaches the public when that we are heading. Audiovisual reinforcement is the fourth action necessary to disseminate on networks, looking for a photo that visually collects the content of the investigation will be strategic to capture the attention of users. Without a doubt, the Lebanon WhatsApp Number List scope offered by social and academic

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