The region continues to present sales growth figures. Once these consumers in Latin America were analyzed. it was possible to show that there are 5 insights that buyers in this region have in common and that it is important for you to know and take advantage of to increase your sales. 1. Think of agile and practical options The world moves at a fast pace and so do the markets. so it is worth thinking about businesses at hand and that are in line with current needs. Usually. one tends to think of large businesses. and that vision is not bad at all if the market were static and could remain in the comfort zone for a long time.

But today’s world is definitely different and the gaze should be fixed on a type of business that can be adjusted to the needs of today’s consumers. A faster world. globalized. immediate and with a new lifestyle in the cities. requires being at the forefront. coffee-tostao.pngA clear example of this is the “ accelerated growth of small formats such as discount stores. small Cash & Carry and convenience formats ”. as Nielsen maintains in its report. And not to go so far. we see how D1. Justo y Bueno and Tostao style formats are the ones that cause a sensation and generate millionaire sales in our country.

Remember That It Is Easier

It should be clarified that practical and South africa whatsapp number list do not mean. without method or planning. It’s okay to think big. but ask yourself if it’s really practical. if it’s in line with current needs and don’t miss out on opportunities that can arise with smaller but very profitable businesses. which even. over time. will represent a larger business. size and the best. high income. Evaluate options according to your niche. 2. Electronic commerce is at its best rappi.pngEvery day more people can access the Internet and have a mobile device. which has changed the way people buy. Currently. many prefer to select their products in the tranquility of their home or office and avoid queues and travel.

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For this reason. E-commerce is an aspect that you must keep in mind to implement and achieve that commercial showcase that will generate higher sales and allow you to provide a better service. We share these 50 “surprising” figures on the development of E-commerce in Colombia and Latin America that will help you make the decision to launch into the world of electronic commerce. In this way. you will have the products and services at the hand of your buyers. you will sell without incurring shipping costs and you will keep your customers informed about the latest news. 3. Local brands. the preferred ones Many times you will have heard that “the land always calls” and the truth is that this is the case with buyers.

To Sell To A Customer

Who state that local brands are “closer to their traditions. Have a better understanding of their preferences and create a feeling of pride national”. according to a Nielsen study. For this reason. given the choice. Latinos prefer the local. although with one exception in the area of electronic products. Health and vehicles. where they prefer multinationals. So. if you have a local. innovative product with which people identify. you are on the right track. But you must cultivate it. maintain it and. above all. Update it according to the technologies. lifestyle. trends and needs of your buyers.

There’s still a lot to do. so take the time to materialize that local idea you’ve had in mind. 4. Healthy products. the need person-gym.pngOne of the trends not only in Latin America but worldwide is the fitness issue. Every day there are more companies. businesses and people who want to lead a healthy life. Which has had an impact on purchasing decisions. According to Nielsen Homescan. ” the healthy category currently represents 17% of total spending. On the entire basket ” and “in terms of households. Almost a 5th part of spending is occupied today by healthy products.”

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