Do you have doubts about the process of creating an online store? Do you suspect that you need it but you are not entirely sure? Still don’t know where to start? At occam digital agency , we help you solve your doubtshow to improve the loading speed of my website? Silvia solera silvia solera august 5, 2021 13:12:00 cest how to improve the web speed of my page? Op-ti-mi-za we are going crazy using more and more plugins to implement certain features, connecting to any network, uploading files galore and hosting our sites on cheap hosting.

Did you think that the user was not going to notice? The loading speed of your website is a key indicator of the level of optimization. If it takes too long to load, the user will end up leaving the page. And there is nothing that ruins a site more Colombia whatsapp number list than a bad loading experience. In fact, “ a one-second delay can reduce a customer’s satisfaction by 16% ”. Does this mean that if you optimize the speed of your website you will improve the experience of your customers and increase the conversion rate?

Literal What Is the Speed

of your website? It is, nothing more and nothing less, than the time it takes for a web page to load completely. Of course, the sooner it takes, the better. Especially, because if a website is too slow, within the online universe, it is a handicap that affects conversion. What’s more, according to a study conducted by akami , “a 2-second delay in loading a website can increase bounce rates by more than 100%, with the consequent loss of traffic.” one of the big problems facing business marketers is that many are not aware of the importance of site load times.

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They do not even appreciate their improvement in a few thousandths of a second. Without awareness, there is no change, so they stagnate and prioritize other issues, such as seo or social networks, losing visits and income. Do you know how to correct these problems? Continue reading this post, you will not regret it. 5 tools to do a web speed test lets start by the beginning. The loading speed, a priori, may seem that it does not have much to do with our digital marketing strategy, but the opposite is true. It’s key!

Attract More Visits to Their Website

Think… all companies want to and for the user to spend as much time as possible browsing it, which would not happen if your loading speed was slow. Also, do not forget that we are dealing with a type of public marked by immediacy, with a smartphone in their pocket, who wants to navigate at full speed. It seeks to consume information here and now. Therefore, if you want to generate good experiences for your users, you must not only understand reality, but also adapt to it.

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