Content marketing will be an essential part of leading. Marketing strategies in 2014, but many marketers are still challenged by its deployment. In conclusion, for Morocco Phone Number our 2014 content marketing tactics planner. Curata surveyed over 500 organizations about their content marketing strategies. In conclusion, marketers identified their top three content Morocco Phone Number challenges as limited staff. Limited budget, and creating enough content. These same marketers ranked measuring content marketing ROI and promoting existing content. As their lowest priorities. While it’s possible that some organizations are so effective that ROI and promotion aren’t seen as challenges.

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Enough thought to promotion, distribution, and measurement. It’s time to put those priorities at the top of your list. In conclusion, measuring the impact of Morocco Phone Number content limited staff. Limited budget, and developing quality. Content is a sizable challenge, but you also need to know which content leads to engagement. Which content doesn’t resonate. If you have that information, you can cut out the ineffective content, create more Morocco Phone Number of the content that your audience craves, and increase your overall content ROI. In conclusion, marketers clearly believe that content marketing is effective. In our survey, respondents estimated that their content positively impacted brand awareness. Engagement, thought leadership, SEO web traffic, lead quality, and lead quantity.

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Estimating impact, however, isn’t. The same as proving impact. In conclusion, so how do smart marketers measure the ROI of their content and determine Morocco Phone Number which pieces are valuable? And provide information that readers. Will be compelled to share. Where does your target audience spend their time? Make sure your content reaches these locations. Whether you’re marketing on news sites, blogs, social media, mobile, or email. How can you Morocco Phone Numbers be sure you’re reaching readers? Check the open rate on your emails. Shares on social media and blogs, page views on your blog. Click-backs from any site you post material on. If you’re not getting a high enough open rate or enough.

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