McLaren, the car brand, launched the McLaren China Phone Number Collective in 2021 . Fans could collect car parts from ‘their favorite car brand’ on this digital platform. If you owned all 22 parts of the McLaren, you got the fully assembled, interactive 3D McLaren car sent to your wallet. So once you started this journey, you couldn’t help but save. An interesting move from McLaren. You can also come up with ideas for unique collectibles. Especially if you also link it to a membership. Think of a brand story that people want to be part of, create a series of NFT collectibles that people can save and link the proceeds of the savings campaign to a membership card.

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I don’t know if you feel this too, but I only see potential. 3. Linking NFTs to Physical Objects You are far from too late to get into NFTs. Yet it sometimes feels that way. In 2019 Nike already applied for a patent for ‘Cryptokicks’ . They use this to link physical Nike shoes to a cryptographic key. This way you can track the ownership of your Nikies and at the China Phone Number time work on authenticity. Credits: US Patent Office Credits: US Patent Office I have to admit that this strategy may be less interesting for most companies. You probably don’t want to burden your customers with crypto wallets and digital keys. Still, this is worth considering. Linking an NFT to a physical product can add value to the physical items. It makes it possible to trace the previous owners.

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Think how interesting a thrift store would be if you could do this? I know. It all sounds unnecessary and perhaps extremely capitalistic. You just have to be able to realize that the value of almost every part is socially determined. There is a reason that Louis Vuitton scarves are sold for thousands of dollars. People give it that value because they want to China Phone Number part of the story that the brand has created. By being able to show that a shoe is an actual Nike Official, it has extra value. By being able to show that you have the number 1 of the entire Nike collection, or for example number ’69’, you create extra value. And by being able to prove that your pair of Nikies have ever been worn by Ronnie Flex, you create extra value. And so on. 4. NFTs

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