When we talk about funnel or conversion funnel , we refer to the concept that determines that there are different phases to reach the main objective. By being clear about this concept, you can focus on users depending on the phase they are in. This type of strategy is more effective, since a person who consulted is not the same as one who only visited the web.

Use a responsive and attractive design
Do not think about designs with many elements, since they end up being annoying for the eyes. Use designs that are attractive and novel. Nowadays, all websites have similar designs, since they use templates. If you have the possibility, create your own design, specific to your website.

Also, the site needs to be responsive. In fact, it is recommended that you focus much more on the site viewed from mobile devices. The reality is that most users browse through smartphones.

Establish Forms of Instant Communication

It is true that websites usually contain all the necessary information. However, when users have doubts or want to ask questions, it is important that there is a form of communication that is instantaneous. For this, you can use tools like chats or Bulgaria B2B list on your website (you must add them with a plugin). We recommend that you set a schedule of attention, so that the navigators know when you are going to respond.

Email Database

Be Clear About Your Kp Is and Review Them Constantly

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators or Key Performance Indicators . As its name suggests, these are metrics that are decisive for measuring performance, both of the business and of the changes you make to the site or in marketing.

This may not be a strategy in itself, but it is the item that will help you determine if everything else was as functional as you thought. Measuring performance is essential in order to improve. These are some of the strategies (or tips) that you can carry out on your website. It is very important that you know that there is no secret recipe or formula that determines success. You should try everything (but one thing at a time) to see what really works for your business.

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