Once the different paragraphs are on paper, it’s time to add subheadings. In this way I lead my readers through my text, as it were. I also try to convey the core of my story well. Handy for all those readers who don’t read my text letter by letter, but scan it. For online texts, I usually stick to adding a new subheading after two or three paragraphs . Personally, I’d rather read one too many than too few. Exactly how many subheadings you include in your text, therefore, depends on the length of your text. 6. Paragraphs In addition to subheadings, I can give my text extra structure with paragraphs.

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This is not always the case with an online article. But with a longer text, such as a long read or reconstruction, this fits well. You actually divide your long text into a number of chapters. 7. Sentence Level Structure I also apply Venezuela Phone Number at sentence level. I do this with signal or reference words . Signal words indicate connections between sentences. An example: Many employers and employees want to do something good for society. That is why some employers offer the option of volunteering a few days a year during working hours. The reference words are the words in my text that refer to an earlier word, phrase or sentence.

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Act – What You Need to Know

Think of words like this, that, this, that, and what . A smart premise that I once read somewhere: make sure that every sentence contains a signal and/or reference word . Isn’t that the case? Then there may be a ‘gap’ in your text and the structure is not quite right. Good to check! 8. Lock Every article has a head and a tail, so a clear conclusion should not be missing. I myself conclude with a bonus tip. I also add a call-to-action , which encourages the reader to read other relevant content on this topic. Another idea: give a short summary, conclusion or recommendation in your conclusion. Or add an anecdote that refers to the beginning of your text. This way you round out your story nicely.

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