It was an overcast Monday in (normally) sunny California. It started innocently enough. I sat down at my desk, sucked down the last of my french Namibia Phone Number press coffee, and said good morning to myself. Co-worker, friend, and person I share a garbage can with, Carra Manahan. Then it began. Carra: “don’t you hate when you can’t find the social sharing. Buttons on a blog post?” me: “tell me about it. Do you know what I hate? Comment captchas.” Carra: “ugh. I know! You know what else drives me nuts?” and this blog post was born. So, without Namibia Phone Number further ado, here is our list of five things you need to stop doing on your blog…now. 1. Hard-to-find social sharing buttons in general, hard-to-find anything on your blog.

The Pinstripes Namibia Phone Number

Website, email, or other marketing medium is bad. If you want someone to take action (read, share, click, etc.), make it easy and make it obvious. If I read a Namibia Phone Number valuable piece of content, I want to tell my network about it. Don’t make me pull a “where’s waldo” (get it?) and search for the pinstripes! Do not do it! Instead: put your social sharing icons. Right at the top and or side, and or bottom of your blog posts. There Namibia Phone Number are many free plugins that make this really easy to do. Most are customizable, in case you want to add a bit of pizzazz as we do at Marketo (see below). Social share buttons 2. Comment captchas don’t make me work for a blog comment!

Namibia Phone Number

I Want to Add My Namibia Phone Number

I’ve just finished reading your (amazing) blog post. I want to tell you how (amazing) it was. I want to add my thoughts my “two cents”, if you will. So I Namibia Phone Number fill out the form with my name, email address, comment, and then bam! Captcha. Doh! Do not do it! Comment captcha is it. The end of the world? No. But it’s annoying. It’s unnecessary. At least this one above is decipherable (Ventura … right?) instead: if you are worried. About bots or spam, consider one of the many anti-spam plugins. Or, if you have the resources, manually Namibia Phone Number approve every blog comment. Sure, it can be tedious, but that’s the best way to prevent unwanted comments. 3. Not optimizing for mobile unless you’ve been living under. A rock (one without an internet connection), you know that mobile is hot.

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