Starcom , the media agency of Publicis Groupe, and Adgage officially launch Flux Geohabits , a proprietary tool that combines location information (geolocation) with in-depth knowledge of users, so that it is possible to relate, for example, how they move, where and when they buy with complex profiles that go far beyond the typical sociodemographic of gender and age. In short, it is the perfect union for linking the physical and digital worlds .

Flux Geohabits Is a Mashup of Technologies

Developed in collaboration with Adgage, Adsquare and Experian. It serves as a research tool , because it allows knowing purchasing routines, density of specific targets in specific areas. Also measuring foot-traffic (number of specific people who pass through a Croatia WhatsApp Number List certain point. Such as a store, for example) among other data, but, above all, as an activation tool . With Flux Geohabits it is possible to impact specific users who, in addition to responding to a profile, have previously interacted with the physical space.

Email Database

Flux manages a permanent database of physical points. And users based on MAIDs (mobile advertising IDs) and own IDs and not on cookies. It reports digital metrics (impacts, clicks, registrations, etc.). And physical traffic generated to the specific points considered as targets. The tool allows you to measure the behavior of each audience. So it is possible to make optimizations during the campaign based on the physical attribution to the store.

Developing Flux Shortly

As is logical, at first all our schemes were broken, but later it has helped us to observe purchase patterns in advance. We have been able to see first-hand how, little by little, physical commerce has been recovering. Being able to unite such different research with maximum precision activation in a single tool gives us a very important competitive advantage that is becoming tangible in demonstrable results”, explains Miguel López-Guzmán , Marketing Director & Head of Digital at Starcom.

For his part, Daniel Shaikh , Founder and Managing Director of Adgage, points out. That “the secret of good cuisine begins with quality ingredients. And in our case, those ingredients are called Experian and Adsquare. Which provide us with excellent sources of data in a platform of recognized international prestige. At Adgage, we apply all this intelligence to campaigns with Flux, with proven effectiveness in both the research and activation parts.”

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