The records office was also asked for permission to use the Starbucks name to ” promote other agents’ business. sporting and entertainment events .” Specialists interviewed by the news agency believe that this reflects an interest in sponsoring such an installation. If not. you want to start paving the way for such a use of your name in the future. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office. a lawyer will be assigned to Starbucks’ application in September. Once the institution approves the application. the coffee chain will have six months to demonstrate the use of this permit in a commercial setting. However. according to Reuters. he will be able to ask for extensions. Does Starbucks lead the way? Beyond what this application for registration means for the coffee chain.

What is striking is the path that Starbucks seems to be taking for the post-COVID world. Like the restaurant sector. the sports industry was one of the most affected by the health crisis. According to Statista . merchandise sales alone could have shrunk by more than 45 percent. Thus. it might seem strange that he wants to put his name on a stadium. Related Notes The end of the pandemic? Starbucks will allow reusable cups in its stores again Starbucks employees suffer: beverages with aberrant ingredient lists go viral Starbucks USA apologizes for expelling a black customer in one of its stores Is it enough? On the other side of the coin. the return of sports activities is also expected to be explosive. Recode points out that not only these types of competitive encounters.

But Also Concerts

Festivals and other large mass events are Ecuador whatsapp number list  to return to their pre-pandemic glory. Your earnings. exposure. and attendance could be multiplied even more when you take into account the “ roaring 20 ‘s ” phenomenon. which could motivate people to spend more. In this context. Starbucks could be showing the world that sports marketing could be the way forward to connect with audiences in the post-pandemic future. And it is that these events will not only have high demand and spending on physical points. According to Internet Retailing . a sizeable audience is also expected to be retained on digital channels. Something that. like in hybrid corporate events. should boost both reach and profits. A medium-term investment If sports marketing is the future of the industry.


With these numbers in mind. one of the big winners will be the sportswear industry. a sector that during the previous edition of the fair recorded profits of 25 billion euros . led by Nike. Puma and Adidas. Finally. and once again returning to Mexico. we are talking about three regions where football fans are consolidated or are in the process. Only in Aztec territory there are 54 million sports fans. of which 40 percent are inclined to football. according to the pollster Mitofsky. so the market is wide for brands that seek to take advantage of the trend. In this way. we will have to wait to find out how the brands adapt to this venue that will host the World Cup in 2026. Uber Eats’ McDelivery enlisted the support of eight soccer icons from around the world to help find a #TeamForPirlo.

The Platform Will Update

Merchant profiles to make it easier for them to transform their storefronts. “with featured products in stock organized by category. featured product groups. And dynamically created recommendations.” which could attract even more shoppers. And finally. “ The Goods ” appears. A tool that will work as a two-week continuous Shopping Spotlight of limited edition products. Sold exclusively through Pinterest. Where it will be associate with different brands to attract the attention of consumers. Business challenge and opportunity for brands These updates are expect to be available. In the US and UK before rolling out to Germany. Australia.

Canada and France later this year. but depending on their. Success this could start rolling out to other regions around the world. Pinterest has benefited from this. as it now has more than 111 million active users. So the company’s in the face of the arrival of “normality” in the world is to keep shop windows. Reaching to as many regions as possible to modify user behaviors before returning to everyday life. READ MORE Chart of the day: Business-to-business sales and e-commerce in times of. Covid 19 Facebook adds two antitrust investigations by Marketplace.

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