Advertising fraud is one of the biggest threats that advertisers and agencies face when launching their campaigns and actions in the online world. The lack of transparency and ignorance are preventing a solution that mitigates and finally ends the problem. This also coexists with another question that has been present for years: Does the advertising industry have a blindfold on its eyes?

Dr. Augustine Fou, an expert in digital marketing and independent researcher of advertising fraud, throws data on the worrying issue of fraud , who has published a table that reflects the fraud rates by country and region. In the Twitter thread in which he shows this data and that has generated a significant stir, Fou sends a clear message to agencies, stressing the need to verify all programmatic media buys.

Don’t Just Check Your Ozy Media Purchases

“Don’t just check your Ozy media purchases, check ALL your programmatic media purchases ; you’ll find they look a lot like your Ozy media saudi arabia mobile number search purchases. They may not look like the following, but that ‘s because the fraud detection technology you paid for ‘sucks’ and can’t detect anything.”

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Back in 2017, Fou recalls, ” Ozy was caught red-handed. At the time, adtech industry professionals said they “had no idea there were issues with the (purchased) traffic in question. And that it was considered safe by different third-party verification companies.” Four years later, the problem continues to grow globally, as reflected in the figures handled by the expert.

The Easy Solution Is to Buy with A STRICT Inclusion List

Almost like buying media in 1995. Keep in mind that if the publisher was a cheat. There are many ways you can cheat and get away with it (cover your tracks) », warns Fou.

Latin America and Europe register the highest rates of online ad fraud
According to the latest data now provided by the expert. In Spain the fraud rate reaches 61% , an alarming percentage taking into account. That digital is the medium that takes most of the advertising investment. In 2020 and despite the fall due to the pandemic, investment in digital reached. 2,174.3 million euros (compared to 2,296.2 million in 2019), according to data published by InfoAdex. If we take into account the figures published by Fou. A good part of that advertising investment would have landed in fraud.

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