In the last year, social networks and influencers have been placed on a pedestal as if they were the saviors of any business. While they are critical to strategies, a new study from Kantar shows that communication professionals are overestimating the speed of change and the importance of new media and channels.

By prioritizing Social Media over news in traditional media, they are showing that they do not have the same perception of information sources that European consumers tend to use. In fact, they continue to prefer television and print and online press for information.

The Research Includes the Opinions of Consumers

700 professionals in the sector in Europe and shows that experts do know better the news consumption habits of generation Z (between 16 and 24 years). What is most Trinidad and tobago B2B list worrying about this is that only one in three (36%) consumers are sure they know how to identify the source of the news they read or see on social networks.

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According to professionals, the first source of information that is growing is social networks. A top 1 that coincides with generation Z, but not with the total population. Which continues to defend news on television. In second place, the industry places influencers, which we did not find until position number 5 of young people. While the rest of the citizens do not even mention them.

Differences in Perception of Information Sources

For users in general, newspapers and their websites are the second sources of information they turn to. Followed by social networks, search engines and radio. For Gen Z , their second choice is TV news, then print and digital newspapers, search engines, and influencers.

It should be note that professionals include podcasts in their list, which close this ranking with 43%. However, only 7% and 6% of consumers say they go to them for this purpose. What’s more, Kantar’s TGI study shows that only 9% of consumers listened. To podcasts in the UK in a typical week in 2020.

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