Final thoughts The widespread adoption of preprints , and even Jordan WhatsApp Number List , has consequences for the peer review function (be it blind or open), making it a more transparent and dynamic process. In addition, preprints can be a solution to the fact that much of the scientific Jordan WhatsApp Number List literature is not accessible openly, widely and quickly as possible. In addition, the role of academic journals could change in the process of scientific communication and become hallmarks of recognition or reliable quality within the research area. On January 19, a preprint was posted on Jordan WhatsApp Number List , Cold Spring Harbor’s preprint server, which happens all the time, but what’s interesting is the fact that the lead author is affiliated with

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“Elsevier”, which is Encouraging as Elsevier is one of the most restrictive publishers when it comes to Jordan WhatsApp Number List . Finally, the regional initiative Jordan WhatsApp Number List , a pioneer of open access publishing in Latin America since , is also in the process of Jordan WhatsApp Number List establishing a preprint server , its objective is to speed up the publication process and increase its transparency, something that will undoubtedly be very useful and an opportunity for Ibero-American magazines. Tweet Jordan WhatsApp Number List Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Reddit Viber Messenger Print E-Mail Post navigation Previous article The keywords make up, together with the title and the abstract,

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the metadata of an article, and therefore constitute the “Business Card” Jordan WhatsApp Number List of a scientific publication. Image 1.png The author of a scientific article must sharpen his senses and his research skills to be correct when selecting the terms that best describe the subject of his work and, above all, the peculiarity of his contribution . In this sense, Jordan WhatsApp Number List the selection of keywords should be done reflectively, slowly and thinking about the reader of the work, since they define the content of the article. This aspect is extremely important if we want our article to Jordan WhatsApp Number List be found by other researchers in our field of knowledge, because in this way we ensure its dissemination and, Jordan WhatsApp Number List of course


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