Thanks to this integration, publishers can directly and natively access Weborama’s semantic segments in the Smart AdServer interface, without additional technical integration. Therefore, they can continue to target advertising and benefit from the monetization of their inventory, even when the user uses a browser without cookies (Safari, Firefox) or without identifiers.

The goal is also, thanks to contextual targeting, to allow advertisers to send relevant messages even in environments where the user has not given their consent, and thus optimize campaign performance regardless of the user’s choice.

In the Event that The User Accepts Third-Party Cookies

The advertisements broadcast may be based both on the user’s profile and on the semantic profile of the web page in order to guarantee a croatia mobile phone number example better synergy between the advertising message, the audience data and the page context. The objective of this alliance is to guarantee publishers a power of segmentation. Towards all users while respecting their choice regarding the use of their personal data.

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” This alliance is one more step in the new advertising ecosystem induced by the latest Google ads. And in which semantic artificial intelligence allows segmentation. Efficiency equivalent to that obtained with cookies”, Luis Castanho, Managing Director of Weborama Ibérica.

Smart’s Goal Is to Offer Our Customers Flexible

Agnostic alternatives to the use of third-party cookies , while enabling them to achieve their business objectives. Our alliance with Weborama will allow our publisher clients to offer efficient segmentation solutions. That are compatible with the privacy of their clients and ‘Demand side’ buyers”, Juan Manuel Alvarez. Country Manager of Smart AdServer.

Weborama, a leader in semantic artificial intelligence, launched last May GoldenFish. The first 100% cookieless and ID-less solution. Which enables highly accurate and efficient advertising targeting, compatible with all web browsers and connected to the programmatic market.

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