With good products but also with great services. One way to know what the level of satisfaction around your brand is by monitoring social networks and one way to do it is through a free tool called Social Mention. This platform provides you with valuable information in a matter of seconds: It tells you. for example. what is the feeling towards your brand. mention the keywords associated with your company. It shows you which users are the ones who refer it the most. It shows you the most used hashtags around your business. the range of influence. the frequency and intensity with which your organization is talked about and the average number of times your brand is discussed.

Every strategy for entrepreneurs must be evaluated and monitored to define what the return is and the results that will allow you to know if you are meeting the objectives that were initially defined. It doesn’t matter if you use a stick to climb a wall or a clothes hook to fish Nicuro. the important thing is to be recursive and creative. The tools are at your fingertips to understand your target audience and increase conversions in your market. We love to take references that help us appreciate the great work of brilliant minds. Today we have an alarming number of websites in the world: according to the data provided by Internet Live Stats .

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They exceed one billion and continue to grow Senegal whatsapp number list  In this overcrowded environment of the web and information. we need those ideas that we were talking about at the beginning. that help us differentiate ourselves from others. That is why we have been inspired by 5 great artists in history to talk about how your personal website could become. Andy Warhol: “Get them to talk about it” The quintessential pop artist. We can adore his work. doubt about its artistic meaning. but we will never be indifferent to it. That is the power of Warhol. He represented his art with familiar and recognizable objects for all people and from there he created his personal brand. Regardless of the clear image we have of this artist.

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Where we visualize his website with a lot of color and continuous repetitions of popular objects; There are three things that Andy Warhol would certainly have on his website: options to share content. customer testimonials. and a shopping cart. And it is that if there is something that Warhol was clear about. it was his goal focused on sales: he produced 3 works of art a day. therefore he should have a medium that facilitated access to his work for his clients. web andy warhol.png Mondrian: “Distinctive minimalism” With Mondrian we can clearly see that it is not necessary to fill a web page with information or overload it with design to have a distinctive image.

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As long as others recognize us for that differential that we have. We will be able to create a vivid image in the minds of our visitors. We imagine a minimalist home. Each of the colors that Mondrian uses: red. yellow. Blue and black would help us highlight the different sections of the website. The predominance of white would allow the user’s attention to be focused. On the relevant content and the vertical and horizontal lines would serve as a readability guide to set the route in the message. Web mondrian.png Frida Kahlo: “Bring them closer to you as a person”. Frida goes a little out of design to talk to us about something fundamental for companies today. The concept of brand “humanization”.

Therefore, we talk about getting closer to those who interest us. About telling a story that makes sense and takes us to the level of being able to generate a conversation. Kahlo’s website would be full of stories and anecdotes. We could witness her personal evolution and have the opportunity to interact. the blog. The chat and the comments section would be essential on this site. In addition. it would present an exacerbated nationalist aesthetic sense. Representations of Mexican culture would be everywhere. Another thing that tells us about its enormous capacity to generate empathy. From the target niche and promote its own.

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