(Academic SEO) or their emergence in databases; 2) It is a way of lexically synthesizing the entire path of the manuscript, from its antecedents, epistemological positions Hong Kong Email List and applied methods, to its results, main findings and advances and why not ?; 3) They are the “hook” ( bait ) to attract the interest of readers and other researchers, which is decisive when it comes to achieving Hong Kong Email List visibility and impact, ergo quotes. However, one of the keys and unwritten rules of a scientific abstract is that it must be informative, objective and truthful. Although some journals allow certain narrative licenses in the titles -just to attract attention-, the abstracts must keep with a certain solemnity a structure and Hong Kong Email List editorial form that allows understanding, in a few words, the most important content of the manuscript.

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In fact, for the vast majority of readers, the only thing that will be Hong Kong Email List read from the paper will be the abstract, so it is the responsibility of the authors that this is a concentrated version of the article. For this reason, the abstract is, paradoxically, the last to be written and the first to be read. When we read an abstract in most Social Sciences journals, it usually has the same IMRDC Hong Kong Email List structure (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions), although there are disciplines in which abstracts are only the description of the method and the findings. , as it happens in clinical cases or in many journals in the field of engineering, Experimental Sciences and Health Sciences. Striking title example Hong Kong Email List and summary only with results. Source: Dutton, RT, Foster, JC, & Jack, MA (1999).

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BT Technology Journal ,Likewise, there are publications that require structured Hong Kong Email List abstracts -as is the case of the Emerald publishing house- , while in others it is a single block of text, which usually ranges from with the IMRDC structure. Structured summary example. Source: Romero-Rodríguez, Hong Kong Email List , I. (2020). Otherness as a form of intersubjective social exclusion. Conceptual discussion from the current communicative scenario. Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society, Vol. Ahead-of-print (No. ahead-of-print). However, the vast majority of publications (such as the Journal ) and conferences request an abstract in a single block of text Hong Kong Email List (paragraph), which is usually divided by an implicit editorial structure: Sections of a summary Background:

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