the journal must be determined, considering its greater or lesser impact. Chile Email List Being rigorous in this selection can alleviate the stress of possible rejections. The shipment. It is essential to check, in the case of authors, as stipulated by the regulations of the chosen journal, Chile Email List that the identification and correspondence data, professional affiliations … ORCID and Google Scholar have been included. The Cover Letter is not a mere procedure since it manifests the originality, the novelty of the work and gives an account of the section of the magazine to which it is addressed, providing, if necessary, the Chile Email List informed consent for experimentation. Regarding the manuscript, it is essential to review the

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anonymization of authors; that the title is pertinent, concise, direct, Chile Email List and unequivocally presents the work; the structure and format of the abstract; the keywords; the recommended minimum maximum extension; the development of the body of the article according to the norms; Chile Email List The methodology, results; the discussion and conclusions; the references; and quality images and graphics with relevant information and not repeated in the text. Finally, being able to count on the option and reading of Chile Email List pairs, prior to sending, implies discussion and revision that can lead to a substantive improvement of the text.

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Along with this, the opportunity to be part of the review board of a magazine Chile Email List is an interesting way to learn and consolidate good practices in both peer and writing. A good article reaches its maximum value when it is spread and shared. Good jobs have better options for citation. Chile Email List But the visibility that is achieved when it is sought that the scientific community knows and can discuss or take as a reference the manuscript is another favorable indication. Why is my article not appearing in Google Scholar? Chile Email List | February 22 2021 The indexing of articles in Google is not done flawlessly, so you have to pay attention and check that our article is not hidden.

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