I commented on the importance of expressing the limitations of the study USA Business Fax List and based on the feedback received by colleagues, researchers and readers of the Escuela de Autores de Comunicar blog , they asked me to delve into the subject and discuss the possible types of limitations. I will try to address this request, but I want to USA Business Fax List begin by commenting that each study is different, so the limitations, although generalities can be determined, there may be particularities that are not associated with any variant or category that I will comment on. Some methodological limitations Sample size : Is the number of units of analysis you use in your study determined by the type of research problem you are investigating? Keep in mind that if USA Business Fax List your sample size is too small,

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it will be difficult to find meaningful relationships and generalizations USA Business Fax List from the data, since statistical tests typically require a larger sample size to ensure a representative distribution of the population. and be considered representative of the groups of people, objects, processes, etc., studied. Although, of course, the sample size is less relevant in qualitative research. Lack of available USA Business Fax List and / or reliable data: Lack of data or reliable data is probably an aspect that can limit the scope of your analysis, the size of your sample, or it can be a significant obstacle to finding a trend, generalization or relationship significant. Not only should you USA Business Fax List describe these limitations, but you should also provide

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reasons why you think the data is missing or unreliable,USA Business Fax List which will be very useful as an opportunity to describe future research needs. The lack of previous research studies on the subject : Referencing and criticizing previous research studies constitutes the basis of the bibliographic review and helps to lay the foundations to understand the research problem that is being investigated. USA Business Fax List Depending on the scope of your research topic, there may be little prior research on your topic. Of course, before assuming that this is true, the main international databases should be consulted widely. Importantly, discovering such a limitation can USA Business Fax List serve as an opportunity to identify new gaps

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