In an expanding world where new business projects are emerging. Many entrepreneurs are wondering how to ensure the survival of their investments. Although the context is changing and competitive, the reality is that, in terms of differential value. It is digital marketing that is leading the way when it comes to optimizing the characteristics of companies with a view to a greater range of consumption. An example of this is the increase in the demand for specialized services by SEO positioning companies.

Digital marketing (online) is all those actions of a commercial or advertising nature that are carry out on the Internet. Its concept does not differ excessively from traditional marketing. However, it is convenient to understand what their differences lie in order to analyze the importance of online channels in the growth of a company.

The Current Marketing Landscape

Traditional marketing (offline) is about those actions that aim to promote a product or service, without making use of digital technologies. Thus, traditional marketing includes television and radio ads, press releases in paper newspapers or even Namibia WhatsApp Number List billboards. Certainly, traditional marketing has not ceased to be effective, but in a world that is developing through digital means , it does not make sense to limit yourself to promoting the characteristics of a product.

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In this scenario, it is digital marketing that is especially relevant. Since while it gives visibility to the product or service. It develops actions tailore to the type of users that it is intend to reach (target objective).

Two Complementary Action Modalities Are Deployed

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The first consists of optimizing web pages to appear in the first search results. While the second consists of investing in ads for keywords. Both options are complementary in that SEO is dedicate to generating natural. And sustained traffic, while SEM generates temporary advertising in Google Ads.

Obviously, in the long term, the most lucrative thing is SEO, since SEM ads disappear as soon as you stop paying. However, as they are natural growth techniques, it is common to include an advertisement in what is gaining notoriety. For the design, development and maintenance of this type of strategy. What is usually done is to resort to a trusted SEO agency, after a personalize study. The SEO specialists draw up an action plan based on the objectives of each company. and explore budgets.

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