Although it is clear that SEO is important, many entrepreneurs wonder if the digital route is adequate for the promotion of their project. The answer, bluntly, is yes, since the Internet would be like a large container that collects all kinds of web pages. Within all those web pages there are common characteristics, which allows rankings until obtaining niches. There are entertainment, sales and education niches, for example.

If, along with this, it is considered that user behavior on the Internet consists of carrying out exploratory searches, such as “mechanical workshops in Zaragoza”, it is logical to estimate that there will always be an objective target interested in the product or service that is being offered.

SEO is Optimal for Both Large Businesses and SMEs:

1. User target segmentation
The message is no longer directed at the masses as in the case of traditional marketing and bases its claim on previous studies of behavior on the Nepal WhatsApp Number List Internet . Thus, it is possible to save resources and reach the indicated users more efficiently. An example would be the inclusion of a link pointing to an online console store within a video game review blog post.

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2. Positioning in search results
SEO not only contributes to getting a site on the Internet, but also to being competitive in the online environment. The behavior of the users is destine to look at the first entries within the first page of results. So the main task of a web positioning agency is to get them to climb positions until they are locate in those privilege positions.

3. Profitability
As was said before, the positive thing about SEO is that a natural growth is achieve that brings benefits the medium and long term. This is especially relevant, since the initial investment always returns a minimum , a guarantee that of course is relevant for entrepreneurs.

Quality Advertising

Search engines like Google want to get the best experience for users. So they minimize the intrusiveness of ads and filter ads to appear based on search preferences. This means that the target audience more easily reached and engagement is generate. Through the content of the website itself, bidirectional relationships through social networks, updates through e-mail marketing and others.

5. Impact Measurement
The most interesting thing in any case is that while it was not classically possible. To quantify the scope of traditional marketing. In the case of SEO and digital marketing in general. It is possible to study own growth metrics and those of the competition. This makes it possible to trace development trajectories. Propose collaborations and develop content on the Internet. Which once again contributes to that generation of differential value that underlined from the beginning.

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