Open Science Framework and Mendeley Data Recently the journal Nature published a fairly exhaustive list of recommended data repositories ” Recommended Data Switzerland Email Database Repositories “, organized by areas of science, which can be of great use to researchers. Similarly, specialized dataset search engines have proliferated, allowing the search and retrieval of data sets associated with Switzerland Email Database scientific research. Here are 2 interesting initiatives: Google Dataset Search Google Dataset Search allows users to search for data sets stored on the Internet by keywords. This tool displays information on data sets hosted in thousands of Internet repositories; in this way, any user can access them and take advantage of the information they contain. This project will have other benefits as well,

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as it will a) create a data sharing ecosystem that will encourage data Switzerland Email Database publishers to follow best practices for storing and publishing data, and b) offer scientists a way to show the impact of their I work through the citations of the data sets they have produced. Switzerland Email Database Elsevier Data Search Switzerland Email Database engine from Elsevier, associated with Scopus, dedicated to primary research data. It is the first search engine that can search not only the description or metadata of the articles, but also the data itself. It is Switzerland Email Database also possible to preview the data directly from the search results, as well as download the full data set.

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The new collaboration with Data Search means that when you run a search in Scopus, the same search will run simultaneously in Switzerland Email Database . If data results are found, you will find a link (listing the number of results found) on the Scopus search results page. In addition, on this site, Switzerland Email Database Elsevier proposes 10 aspects or steps (recommendations) to take into account for the effective management of data and its life cycle, these are: Sending a work to a journal requires not only doing an original and innovative research with relevant contributions, but also taking care of the format and structure of the paper Switzerland Email Database because the formal questions, together with the thematic, methodological and bibliographic issues,

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