Firstly, the pre-campaign, where the Content Universe is create, to identify trends. The content strategy is develope. The creativities are contextualizing. Second, as the campaign kicks off, ads are distribute to the most relevant placements across Seedtag’s digital media network.

Once the Lab Is Complete

A set of insights are delivered to analyze the results, from consumer perception to the impact on the main brand metrics and uk mobile number directory evolution of the association with the main values ​​and positioning, along with the analysis of the competition.

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Borja Fernández Country Manager Spain for Seedtag, underlines: “The reason we created LAB was to allow our clients to take advantage of all the capabilities of our Contextual Intelligence. With Seedtag LAB we aim to ensure that brands connect their values ​​directly with the most appropriate audience, in relevant content settings, and without using cookies.”

Communicating Effectively in A World without Cookies

Since identifying audiences will be crucial to communicating effectively in a world without cookies. Brands will be able to use the information provided by Seedtag LAB. To further optimize campaign delivery based on their specific KPIs and Seedtag data. In short, Seedtag LAB will help customers move to the next level of contextual advertising. Allowing them to create their own Contextual Universe. Paul Goldbaum, Seedtag CETO; and Emilia Kirk, Head of Growth at Seedtag.

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