On October 20, the ” Study of behavior and conversion of online pharmacies and parapharmacies ” was presented , a new sectoral study carried out by Flat 101. In this article, Sofía Pauls together with the Flat 101 UX Lab team, will explain the process that exists behind the sectorial usability studies, the problems faced and the results obtained.

It’s been a year since the Flat 101 UX Lab team launched this research. The result is a portrait of the user experience in the online purchase of pharmacy and parapharmacy products. But how have we achieved it?

A Framework Based on Ux Research

A sectoral study goes further, by comparing the most important competitors in the market. The methodology consists of presenting the honduras telephone numbers products to their potential customers or, in other words, testing the websites with real users. In addition, to establish an objective mode of comparison, each website is evaluated with the same technique: the System Usability Scale.

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Collection of quantitative data in a massive way through a survey. Execution of tests with potential users. Combining moderated tests, including an in-depth user interview, with unmoderated tests. Survey on the usability of a website. The users of the moderated and unmoderated tests evaluate the website they have consulted under the same criteria.

The Approach Followed Consists Of:

This experimentation through user testing generates a large volume of qualitative and quantitative information, so a subsequent analysis of the data is essential to find relationships and obtain valuable conclusions. Therefore, the success of research lies precisely in the research.

The online trade of pharmacy and parapharmacy products is not the majority in Spain. As a consequence, the number of potential customers was much lower than on other occasions. In other words, finding users who fit the profile and were willing to participate in the tests was a challenge.

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