More and more companies are encouraged to develop. in the company of experts. an advertising campaign that boosts their business on the Internet and helps them find all those potential customers who browse the web without knowing them. But. what happens when we contract a Google campaign with experts? There are several questions that come to mind: Where is my ad being seen? Who is seeing it? Why. when I go to Google and enter the keywords. my advertising does not appear? How can I improve the results? We’ll answer those questions in this infographic. Without a doubt. the founder of Apple is an example to follow. not only as an entrepreneur but also as a creative.

Beyond the millionaire profits that he achieved. Steve Jobs left us valuable lessons that can be applied to web design and navigation. So following his philosophy and style. so characteristic of his brand. we made this list of 10 actions that we must avoid on any web page to achieve effectiveness and attract more visitors . home-saturado.png1. Saturate home plate The home. or home page . is your letter of introduction and the hook that motivates visitors to stay on the site and continue browsing. That is why you must be very careful with its design and structure and give priority to what is truly important.

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Follow the philosophy of Steve Jobs. who taught Sri lanka whatsapp number list the importance of defending simplicity and simplicity. instead of filling the space with many elements that in the end only distract and confuse the user. 2. Highlight everything at the same level It is important to establish hierarchies and priorities so that the public stays with the main message that you want to convey. This implies putting into practice the power of synthesis. to select the most important and discard the expendable. Steve Jobs always had in mind what was the fundamental thing that his audience needed to know or understand. and that was what had prominence.

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Include images or videos that take a long time to load For the creator of Apple it was very important to make life easier for users and that is why he always preferred what was fastest. most comfortable and simple for them. Undoubtedly. a factor that determines the comfort of the user is the loading speed of the pages. If content takes several seconds to appear on screen. visitors will run away without thinking. Remember that on the internet patience is a gift that does not exist. 4. Have many sections and subsections Thinking that the visitor feels comfortable. And stays on the site longer. the navigation must be fluid and intuitive.

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To achieve this. it is essential to create an orderly and simple structure with few sections. Faced with thousands of possibilities to click. it will be more difficult for the user to find what he is looking for. The key is to classify and group better and prefer the obvious to name the sections. pop-ups-molestos.png 5. Add intrusive elements A user who has a good experience on a website will surely come back. However. sometimes navigation becomes exasperating when elements that appear by surprise are included. interrupting the visitor’s reading flow. Ads. windows or chats that cover almost or the entire screen are add-ons that have become. Very common but end up driving away visitors.

Put long texts and few images If you look at the. Apple website you will see that large and full-screen images predominate. with short and forceful texts. Avoid long paragraphs and include several high-quality photos. especially on the home page. In the rest of the site the information can be more extensive. But it must always be accompanied by a striking visual element. Visible-calls-to-action.png7. Not adding visible calls to action You can be very proud of your website. But remember that if you don’t get tangible results from it. you’re wasting your time. Returning to Apple’s website. notice that calls to action. such as “Buy” or “Learn more about…”. Are strategically placed so that they are visible and easily recognizable.

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