In a deal with RealNetworks valued at 70 million dollars. In this way. MelodyVR will take control of Napster and assume a debt of 44 million dollars. mainly with companies in the music industry. Nintendo This year Microsoft presented the Xbox Series X and Sony the PlayStation 5. the new generation of their respective consoles designed in order to take away from Nintendo Switch the reign that it snatched from the end of last year. However. the Big N does not plan to leave the easy path. as according to reports from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News and Bloomberg. it plans to launch an improved version of its popular Switch game console next year.

Facebook Is the one in Menlo Park planning to disbelieve Oculus? On Tuesday. Facebook Connect was announced. an event to be held on September 16 and originally called Oculus Connect VR. This is the annual AR / VR conference where you present all the news about your products or projects you are working on. “Connect has grown to include much more than just Oculus. with product news and research updates from Spark AR to Facebook Horizon.” the company said in a blog post. Citrix The company specializing in server virtualization technologies. networking and cloud services announced Jose Luís Martínez as Country Manager for Mexico. In this way.

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Martínez will have among his main Namibia whatsapp number list  strengthening the position and leadership of the company in the Mexican market. through long-term relationships with current customers. support for channels and stimulation of demand through of the search for new opportunities and strategic alliances for the local market. I’m sure I’m not the first. nor the last to write and read about this topic. On the internet you can find miles of information and on social networks you can run into gurus who have “discovered gunpowder” and share their secrets and strategies to increase online sales. However. many times. you will have felt disappointed because it was not what you were looking for.

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Or that the information came from sources in other countries that did not necessarily adopt our reality. First of all. if we are going to talk about strategies to increase internet sales. we must know with certainty where we are. who we are and to whom we are going to sell . In other words. know your business and the market. This is vital so that you can interpret what is happening in consumer behavior. and understand how your business can be useful. Strategies to increase online sales Take advantage of social networks Strategies to increase online sales It’s time to get out of anonymity and show your products and services on the different social media platforms.

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But this does not mean creating dozens of profiles or pages on all networks. No. What you should do is focus on those that are valid for your business and where your target audience remains. On these platforms. the content is the boss. So it is important that you add value to your posts and promptly attend to the doubts that users have. Some social networks you can try are. Facebook : create a fan page to show your products or services and build customer loyalty. On this platform you can share photos of what you offer and links to relevant posts on your website. In our country. Facebook is the most used social network to consume news.

Instagram : on this platform more than seven million Peruvians are reached by advertising campaigns. Instagram is the social network that is characterized by the visual and generates. Enormous interaction with the target audience and greater visibility for your products or services. LinkedIn : it is the professional social network that is oriented to business. Its more than 500 million users can also promote themselves and network. Likewise. it allows establishing professional contacts. generating business opportunities. Pinterest : is the platform through which people manage and create personal boards of themes. interests. image collections. etc.. called PINs.

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