How many headings are on average per page What is the average domain authority. How many images are on average per page of the SEO tool You can see per. What content has been written per website. This offers an enormous time advantage: you can see in 1 overview what 20 websites write about. Overview of how the SEO texts of other websites. This allows you to quickly gain inspiration and gives you the opportunity to create an outline for a content page much faster. Inspiration from various angles.

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You can therefore get a lot of inspiration to shape your text. Questions that return to the SERP. What does the SERP say: ‘People also ask’? What kind of questions are people asking on Quora and Reddit about this topic? The questions you see are useful to answer if you can and if it is relevant to your target audience. There is a chance that it will Croatia Phone Number to the quality of your text if you know how to answer it correctly and completely. Create a plan for rewriting existing content pages If you have been working on SEO in a website for a long time, you may recognize that you have a large number of pages of content.

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You want to update this as soon as. The information about your subject change or if something changes in your organization. For example when you add a new product or service or if your target group has new questions or information needs due to developments in the market. To maintain your content, you will therefore also have to go through a large part of the above steps: you research the information needs of users and you will provide a valuable answer to this as well as possible. A great way to do this content research is through the Google Search Console link you can create in the tool. The tool labels keywords on which you are.

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