in fact, the need to publish one or more articles had to be regulated in Tonga Email List order to defend the doctoral thesis and achieve a Tonga Email List doctorate degree (changing one of the requirements , that it was an unpublished investigation of which nothing had been published, which was Tonga Email List previously raised). When we carry out research and we do not publish anything about it, we make several mistakes that threaten ourselves, our university and the scientific community in general. It is known by all of us that the academic Tonga Email List and scientific progression of a researcher is directly related, more and more every day,

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with the number of articles published and their quality. If you want to advance in Tonga Email List your academic career and progress in the increasingly difficult university career, you must publish in quality and high-impact scientific journals (especially those that are indexed in the most important Tonga Email List databases: WOS -with JCR and ESCI- and SCOPUS), if you want the evaluation agencies of your country to accredit you in the different university categories. But not only you can benefit from the publication (or harm from the non-publication) of your articles, a very important part of the funds that support the budget of the Tonga Email List university to which you belong are granted, by the different administrative and administrative bodies.

Tonga Email List

research, based on the number and quality of the articles that your research Tonga Email List professors publish in high-impact scientific journals, so if you want to collaborate with the entity you work for, try to publish your research in indexed journals. An investigation that does not “see the light”, Tonga Email List by not being published, takes away from the scientific community the contributions and advances that it could have. If you have benefited from obtaining a grant for a research project, it may be, among other things, Tonga Email List because it is supported by the construction of a state of the art as a result of a

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