Repsol and Adobe have entered into a technological collaboration agreement to transform all of the company’s web assets using the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) comprehensive content and digital asset management system, which enables a leap towards a modern model of digital transformation thanks to to your content and resource management system. For this, it has a common action framework for all the websites that guarantees the quality and safety of the processes, as well as an agile response at all times.

This Platform Allows the Same Content Manager

In addition, it helps with more agile management. Significantly improving response times through a simple and intuitive interface. That facilitates the self-management of digital experiences and the involvement of all areas of the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List company. In the digital relationship with its stakeholders. The infrastructure has the most advanced security measures. Meeting demanding standards such as ISO 27001, SOC-2 audits or the national security scheme.

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It will allow Repsol’s more than 22 million annual web users to have a personalized and unique online experience that is easier, visual, intuitive and adapted to all their devices, since it will offer them content based on their interests and they will be able to adapt them to your preferences. On the other hand, a new cloud architecture optimizes performance by improving response times for end-users.

The New Corporate Website

Repsol marks the first milestone of a plan that includes the launch in the coming months. Of the rest of the group’s commercial and informational websites. Repsol, repsol, repsol, etc, which will mean the total transformation of the nearly 30 websites that Repsol has.

In addition, the new intranet MyRepsol. Net will soon be launched, multi-device, customizable and that favors local communication. Encourages collaboration between employees, facilitates access to information and tools, and thus contributes to achieving the objectives of the company. With the possibilities offered by the new repsol, all audiences. Will be able to join the conversation and be an active part in the transition that is taking place in the energy sector.

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