When a product is successful. but the market is saturated. it must be extended. That seems to need La Liga de España to be able to sustain its costs. The Spanish population and the markets that it reaches through Pay TV are no longer sufficient. which is why it is seeking to expand them. This week it became known that he sold the television rights for Facebook to broadcast La Liga games in eight Asian countries (including India. which has 1.3 billion inhabitants). Now. the novelty is even more relevant: official matches of the Spanish tournament will be played outside of Spain. more precisely in the United States. The idea is to make them in Miami.

As published exclusively this Thursday by El País . the official matches in the United States are “one of the plans of the 15-year agreement signed between La Liga and Relevent . a multinational media. sports and entertainment company. to promote soccer in the United States and Canada”. “The objective of this extraordinary ‘joint venture’ is that the culture of soccer grows in the United States. It will be a big step in its growing popularity.” Stephen Ross. an American businessman and main owner. among other firms. of Relevent. the Miami Dolphins of the NFL and Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. told the Spanish media. The idea is that the game or games that are played start as early as this season and. “predictably. with Barcelona or Real Madrid as one of the contenders.

It Is Also True That Every Time

” The alliance between La Liga and Relevent  Afghanistan whatsapp number list which will be called “La Liga North America”. will seek to repeat promotion and expansion actions as the NBA. NFL. MLB and the Ice Hockey League already do. which have been celebrating for a long time official matches outside the United States. A 2016 investigation says that of the 47 million fans in the United States. 33 million are followers of the Spanish League. And 30 percent of Americans interested in world soccer are Hispanic. This Wednesday the European Super Cup was play between the two representative teams of the capital of Spain. Atlético and Real Madrid . which ended in favor of the mattresses by a final score of 4 goals against 2. This is the first final in the era after Cristiano Ronaldo for the merengue team.

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Which could not be capitalize in the way expect by Real Madrid; in such a way that the reactions of various followers was to immediately link the Portuguese striker who currently plays in Italian soccer. After the adverse score. the criticism in networks towards the champion team of the Champions League shone. due to the lack of media contracts. especially when its maximum reference in recent times left the club and its diligence did not find a replacement of proportions . if not the same. if similar. Although LaLiga is yet to start as well as the Champions League. the merengue team will start the local tournament with pressure from the press as well as from followers to quickly find positive results that will appease criticism around the sports institution.

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Although the Madrid squad has highly prestigious players. this uncertain. Start could lead to part of their references ending up leaving in the winter transfer market. Even when they cannot play the continental tournament with the new team. Even when it is a difficult moment for one of the most recognized teams on the planet. Its greatness and history can be guarantees to face a season without its main ambassador. And in which various renowned players are not comfortable. within it. A situation that can undermine the relationship with their sponsors as well as with their fans. In the world. about 31.000 exhibitions held in 1.212 venues during 2017. Which means revenues of 98 billion dollars. according to the UFI.

Nothing better to connect with the sports spirit and with the people. Who practice it by attending an event and enjoying what it can contribute. Especially when it is with festive activities. In the world. about 31.000 exhibitions held in 1.212 venues during 2017. Which means revenues of 98 billion dollars. according to figures from the World Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). For its part. within the figures available from the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) for Mexico. Of the 266 thousand 117 meet that held in 2014. 6 thousand 440 were exhibitions (2 percent) representing a 46 percent growth in comparison with 2010. The types of meetings that increased the most were exhibitions (46 percent) and corporate meetings (39 percent). Convention centers increased their participation by receiving 14.8 percent of the meetings. when in 2010 they had 13 percent.

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