Once you know what information you want to put on your page, it’s time to start creating this content. You have to take into account all kinds of aspects: psychology, professional knowledge of the subject, needs from your client, in other words: customization. AI is not yet at the stage where it can create thriving unique pieces of content. The technology and output is not yet so good that it can be copied 1-on-1 on your website. The sentences do not flow smoothly yet, the use of words is not always logical and the Dutch grammar is not the easiest.

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The copywriter therefore certainly wins over AI in this area. How this will be in the future is, of course, conjecture. What the AI ​​tool does is mostly like Cyprus Phone Number pieces of content. For example, a consistent writing style is not (yet) taken into account. For example, if I ask the AI ​​tool to write an introduction to an article titled ‘Writing content by AI’, I get the output: Do you want to have content written by AI? That’s a question I’ve asked many times over the years. The answer to that question depends on what we mean by ‘content’. This is a strange introduction and therefore not immediately useful. This will therefore have to be adjusted or made to measure.

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And that’s time you don’t really want to use for this. Nice to have for the outsourcers Because you can create an outline for your content with a tool like Frase.io, it suddenly becomes a lot easier to send your copywriter a briefing. You can more easily create an outline of your text and simply provide input about what information you need to arrive at a good text. This allows you to spend more time for a good briefing on customization per keyword instead of typing out what the intention is. That seriously saves time. With Frase.io you can work together in documents, so you can also keep the briefing and text in one place. This means you have your research, briefing and output in the same place.

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