No one can deny that audio is experiencing a golden age , with unstoppable growth. This boom has led brands to look at platforms of this type such as Spotify to carry out their advertising campaigns.

The truth is that there are multiple benefits of streaming audio as advertising support . This has been discussed, precisely, in the first ‘Spotify Stream & Greet’ , a round table that has focused on debating the impact of this advertising channel. To show the effectiveness, they have based themselves on the results of the campaign that BBVA launched on Spotify (and on other channels, because it was massive) to promote its new bank card.

Spotify Offers Incremental Coverage Compared to Mass Media

“At BBVA we have been the pioneers in betting on him. We always want to understand that moment and place from which the consumer listens to us and be able to personalize the ad as much as possible “, Cristina Villarroya , Digital & Media Poland WhatsApp Number List Strategy Director of the banking company , stated at the event.

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Next, we collect the main conclusions that have been point out during the meeting. Traditionally it was believed that the use of high coverage media was enough to reach a mass audience. However, audiovisual consumption has changed considerably, especially among the younger generations. In a context of screen saturation, audio not only enhances and enhances moments, but also represents an escape route . Thus, Spotify contributed an incremental reach of 2% compared to television and 6% compared to radio, reaching additional viewers and listeners in both cases.

From These Data It Is Extract

That through platforms such as Spotify. Brands can reach a group of target audiences that may not be available in more conventional media. “We observed that Spotify offered incremental coverage compared to traditional media such as radio or television. Reaching additional viewers and listeners in both cases,” Rodrigo González, sales director of Spotify in Spain, highlighted at the table.

“6 out of 10 Internet users listen to digital audio and 64% listen to it daily . For this reason, it is necessary to know how to measure it. And understand the context in order to have an impact in the best way”. Said José Luis García, co-founder of FLUZO.

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