You can set it up in Settings > Notifications > Show Preview. Then you can choose ‘not set’, ‘if unlocked’ or ‘always hide notification’. Safari Tips I’ve been surfing the internet all day, but I don’t really use the possibilities of Safari enough yet. That is why I Guatemala Phone Number looking for useful tips to make it easier and more efficient to work with this app. Move search bar The search bar, as you may have noticed, has shifted downwards since the iOS 15 update. You can of course reset this. Although I like it much better downstairs because my thumb is close to it.

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Would you like to move it back up (or move it down)? Check out this Tiktok from @iphonelifehacks_nl. Private surfing Tap the two-square icon, Guatemala Phone Number tabs (bottom center), then private. If the tab is gray, you know it’s in private mode. In private mode, your browsing data is not saved and websites you visit are not shared with other devices. Also, Safari doesn’t remember your data to autofill, and it doesn’t track search history and pages visited. Save bookmarks Bookmarks are useful for finding your favorite websites easily.

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Tap on the page you want to save and press ‘bookmarks for… tabs’. Now if you tap on a new page (two squares symbol), you will find the pages you just saved here. This way you don’t have to leave them all open and you can find them with one push of a button. Set focus settings I am curious if you are already using the new focus settings. You can find it in Settings > Focus or swipe down the menu and then press ‘focus’. Focus settings

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