Creating fresh content is a vital part of any content. Marketing strategy, but you don’t always have to start from scratch. Curated content – content Panama Phone Number written by other people. Which you then organize and share – is a great way to show off your subject matter expertise. “best of” lists, trend highlights, and news round-ups. Can all be completely curated, but still appeal to your readership. The hard part is getting your audience  Panama Phone Number to engage. Without audience engagement (comments, shares, likes, and so on), curated content isn’t doing all that it could be for your brand or your blog. Here are five ways to curate content that drives engagement.

Curate From A Panama Phone Number

Variety of sources. Yes, you should be following and curating the major players in your niche (for instance, TechCrunch if you curate tech and Panama Phone Number startup news, or apartment therapy if you’re into home décor). But don’t limit yourself to the big names. If readers see the same three or four sources week after week, they Panama Phone Number may lose interest. Keep them on their toes by introducing readers to smaller. But still credible sources they may not know yet. These smaller, up-and-coming sites may be more likely to engage with you or share your stuff than the big a-list bloggers. The discovery of a new gem may also prompt regular readers to chime in too.

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Think Multi-Platform Panama Phone Number

Readers consume content in different ways, so don’t limit yourself. Your own blog and social media channels. Think about ways you could repurpose your curated content into a webinar, ebook, or white paper. Other materials. Brainstorm Panama Phone Number topics for guest blog posts you could contribute to other sites. Consider starting a podcast or web series to discuss the most interesting content you’ve curated and invite guest experts to weigh in. If you have a high concentration of readers in one geographic area, host an in-person event so you Panama Phone Number can engage with readers (and they can engage with each other) offline. If your readers are scattered around the world.

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