What method do you follow to validate the quality of your digital assets? In this post, Txomin Nuñez, from the Flat 101 QA team , tells us about the main benefits of implementing a QA strategy in your business.

Have you stopped using applications despite having a good reputation? If you have found yourself in any of these situations, it is likely that you have also wondered if the companies that create applications take into account the point of view of thai cell phone number users and their expectations. Currently, there are a large number of companies that are completely unaware of the testing phase or its importance within the product life cycle. In Flat 101 we explain it to you briefly.

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Testing Phase of The Traditional Method vs Agile

Testers have the mission of helping to guarantee the quality of software to make the experience. That end users have with the product more pleasant.

With the traditional method, the complete product was first developed and then spent a few days testing it before it was finally brought to market. With this scenario, the most common is to experience a high number of software defects that go unnoticed until the end customer reports them. This causes the costs of the product to increase due to the time it takes to solve it.

Working in An Agile Environment

For this work, it is vital to plan and carry out a continuous testing process. That is involved within the development process. In this way, it is possible to verify the guidelines and specifications set by the client in each ongoing.

There are several types of tests but the most common is regression. Whose objective is to check the operation of the product after adding new functionality. This entire process must be increasingly automated to detect potential incidents as early as possible. Likewise, there is a tendency to reduce the amount of manual tests as much as possible .

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