If you want your sales process to start working and achieve an exponential increase in your company’s sales. Cheer up!What tools can help us get keywords? Celia Cerrillo Celia Cerrillo July 13, 2021 11:33:35 EST As we already know, keywords are essential for SEO positioning : they make our website rank organically and, if we use good keywords, this will lead us to be at the top of Google search results . However, sometimes it is not easy to find the right keywords for our business. That is why we are going to dedicate this post to talking about tools that can facilitate this process.

Keep reading! What are keywords and how to search? Keywords, as we have commented on some occasions, are essential to make Japan whatsapp number list SEO positioning work, as well as to grow our website. The keywords we choose for our site are based on how related they are to our website. For example, if our website is a blog about articles related to inbound marketing, some keywords that will help us position ourselves are: “inbound marketing”, “SEO”, “digital marketing”, etc.

On the Other Hand, Conducting

a search for the right keywords is not always an easy job. In general, we usually have a main keyword, and then there are the LSI keywords. The LSI keywords are the keywords that help Google to know what content is being talked about on our website. What the LSI keywords are looking for is to create a “word ecosystem” so to speak in which all the words related to our website are included and can be used for SEO positioning. Therefore, finding our LSI keywords in addition to our main keyword is not an easy task, as we have mentioned before.

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However, we do not have to do it alone. Keyword research (also known as keyword research.  Is a process that aims to identify relevant keywords to position.  Your website pages in search engines. taking into account your business and the users you are targeting. The main goal is to find keywords that bring visitors and, therefore, improve the traffic of our website and generate conversions (registrations, purchases…). Tools to get keywords Due to the boom in the use of keywords and the fact that more and more companies that want to position themselves digitally carry out SEO positioning.

There Are Already Many Tools

that have emerged to facilitate the task and help us discover our field of keywords. . Google Trends: Developed by Google itself, it is a platform that has a specific objective that can be very useful to us. What Google Trends analyzes, as its name suggests, is the trend of a specific keyword. By trend we refer to the evolution that a keyword has had over time, the number of times it has been searched, how its search and its use have evolved. This will be very useful for our brand since we will be able to know how popular our keyword is and see if we can use similar ones instead. Because, in addition, with Trends you will be able to make a comparison between similar keywords.

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