That we live in a digitized world is no longer news, because we have been like this for many years. But what do we need to survive in it? The answer is clear, a digital mentality that helps us adapt to the new times. We talked about all this in a webinar organized by MarketingDirecto and JCDecaux in which digital advertising in outdoor format (DOOH) was especially discussed.

The event was moderated and presented by Javier Piedrahita , CEO & Founder of MarketingDirecto , who gave way to the speakers that completed the meeting: Natalia Escribano, Commercial Director of VIOOH; Giulia Grazzini , Marketing Director of Adsquare; Ricardo Molero, Director of Investment and Digital Precision, Print and Radio of Publicis Media; and Natalia Papiol , General Director Spain of TheTradeDesk. They all shared DOOH ideas and their own experiences while also answering questions from the audience.

The Round Table Began by Talking About

What most worries advertising professionals: data. Grazzini was the first to comment that « data has become the most important pillar of advertising »And she does not forget the impact that its use has through technology. « It is possible to see screens frequented by different types of audience , it is assumed that the audience is found Italy B2B list thanks to the data». While Molero’s perspective is that “this product not only requires a digital mindset, but also the hybridization of Exterior profiles. Only digital is not successful.

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Papiol added to these two points of view that we all have the digital mindset because everything around us is digital. ” Luckily for Exterior, although it has been one of the media most affected by confinement, the evolution has been wonderful ,” he adds. Although he recognizes that they must look for alternatives. As for Escribano, he shares: “Technology, through digitization, adds more value to both the consumer and the brand experience.”

Advantages of Dooh Advertising (Digital Out Of Home)

We have already talked about digitization and its advantages. But if we focus on outdoor advertising, Grazzini acknowledges that “with technology it is possible. To know where the data is and where my audience is”, while adding that data is the opportunity to invest well. Papiol, for his part, compares a campaign without data to a mask. Where the data is oxygen: «For me, now is an exciting time. The outdoor experts started to incorporate those measurements and also that mix of mobile into our campaigns .”

On the other hand, Molero shares another point of view. If we compare ourselves with other digital channels. They are still data that are still far from being converte into real-time. All this while he calls for calm because without data there is no relevance: «Digital is based on data, but I would like to try to build a product calmly and not demand the same benefits».

Piedrahita continued with the debate transferring it to programmatic. To which Papiol added that “ luckily we started measuring everything in digital many years ago. Suddenly we had very powerful technologies and programmatic led us to take that leap. The argument ends with the desire to give value to the medium so that it becomes real-time through solutions that allow them to evolve.

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