It’s not just the avatars. With the entry of all kinds of major clothing brands, all possible clothing items and asset scores are issued as NFT. Earlier I wrote about Gucci’s NFT bags that sold for more money than the physical ones. Adidas and Nike already sell NFT shoes and Amsterdam based The Manufacturer makes entire NFT clothing lines for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and Puma. This is still new to many people, but several of my gaming friends have been using digital wearables for years. If you are in a shooting game with a team, then a special vest or unique weapon is of course much cooler.

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Than the standard variant. This in-game market could grow to $65 billion in the coming years. Looking at the $2.7 trillion global fashion industry , digital wearables could become very large. I saw the first examples in the Amnesia: one of the most Luxembourg Phone Number clubs in the world, in Ibiza. Not the physical variant, but the virtual one built in the metaverse. Tens of of people came virtually. In the most beautiful digital outfits. which are built entirely on blockchain and with NFTs and Autonomous Organizations (DAOs, which I wrote about earlier ), allow artists to come into direct contact with fans and can involve them in the creation of music in all kinds of ways.

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In fact, films are already financed with NFTs. In the meantime I also see several NFT 2.0 movements emerging. These are, for example. NFTs that can be in the future, but can also perform actions. Their own, for example. Such as day and night variants, based on the time of day. There are also NFTs with multiple underlying files.  Such as Developments around NFTs are going fast Every week I am at the new possibilities that enthusiastic developers have built NFTs. From the ‘play to earn’ games, which I wrote about earlier and in which the most famous game Axie Infinity now spends

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