Monthly search volume is important here. If you search for a word and the search volume only shows a dash, that means Google doesn’t have enough data on that keyword. It may be searched several times a month, but not enough for Google to have historical data. If T-shirt Design Service you really want to show up for a keyword that doesn’t have monthly search data, go ahead and optimize your site for that, but choose additional keywords as well. That way, when someone searches for that keyword that has no search volume, you’re almost guaranteed to search for it (i.e., if no one else ranks for it  T-shirt Design Service as well). You will then need to do some keyword research to see if your site can actually rank for the keywords you have selected. Consult the competition before doing the work of optimizing your site.

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Google your words to see who is ranking and how strong their website is. Once you have your keywords, where do T-shirt Design Service you put them on your site? We generate $302,375.59 in revenue from organic traffic.H1 tags if you’re unfamiliar with HTML. You may not know what an H1 tag is or where to find it on your site. There are six H1 to H6 header tags that are used to define the hierarchy on your pages, with your H1 tag being the T-shirt Design Service most important. SEO best practices say you should have an H1 tag on every page of your site. This H1 tag should be your target keyword – no more, no less. Using an H1 tag lets Google know what your page is about. So make sure the target keyword you use makes sense for the rest of your page.

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Your Target Keyword Is Marketing T-shirt Design Service

Your target keyword is “social media marketing” and the rest of your page is about ranking for local SEO, there is a T-shirt Design Service disconnect between search engines as well as human users. Make sure you are optimizing the right page for the correct keyword. How does your T-shirt Design Service know if your page has an H1 tag just by looking at it?

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