The incorporation of keywords implies a practical alternative to Austria Phone Numbers List describe and register a document, for this, the thesaurus is particularly used, which unlike a dictionary, is a list of Austria Phone Numbers List words grouped according to the similarities of meaning and not in alphabetical order . In short, thesauri are used as a means of restricting keywords, focusing on a controlled vocabulary that allows for proper ordering Austria Phone Numbers List of knowledge on a subject in question. It is estimated that more than 16,000 scientific journals use a thesaurus for the standardization of terms. Within this scope, thesauri are known for their functionality in retrieving Austria Phone Numbers List information as well as searching for specific terms,

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thus facilitating the refinement of results and detailed Austria Phone Numbers List comparisons of categories. Therefore, the idea of ​​integrating a thesaurus in a scientific journal, not only benefits the editors, Austria Phone Numbers List but also the authors themselves, managing to locate publications under the same theme that can serve as bibliographic support, ideas for future research and suggestions regarding study limitations. Austria Phone Numbers List Thesauri can be organized according to areas of knowledge. In medicine, Mesh (Medical Subject Austria Phone Numbers List Headings) stands out , engineering the thesaurus of the IEEE , education ERIC thesaurus , however,

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at present, more and more multilingual thesauri are used as is the case of Austria Phone Numbers List AGRICOLA oriented to biological sciences and found in Spanish and English, OECD on economic and social development in Spanish, French and Spanish, last but not least there are two multidisciplinary thesauri, Austria Phone Numbers List which is published in the 27 languages ​​of the European Union and the UNESCO thesaurus Presented in English, Spanish, French, and Russian. The latter presents a list that incorporates terms of education, science, culture, social and human sciences, information and communication, politics, laws Austria Phone Numbers List and economics. In fact, the journal applies the UNESCO thesaurus for the use

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