The turning point for the company was the employment of a young chemist, Lawrence Herbert. It was he who systematized the company’s collection of pigments and inks, and the part of the company he ran became more and more successful. In 1962, he managed to buy the printing equipment from the owners and gain independence. This is how Pantone was born. Today , the Pantone institute is an unquestionable authority in the field of colors . He not only runs their systematics, but also advises many companies on marketing and image issues. This is an important and fruitful work, because communication at the color level is very strong and takes place on an unconscious level. The right choice of colors in the logo turns out to be of great importance for our positive or negative.

Associations with the brand

Associations with the brand. This knowledge is deepened and used in practice by the Pantone Institute. The unique Pantone color system, developed T-Shirt Design Service over the years, is today one of the richest color bases. An important part of the company is also the Pantone Color Institute. For instance, A research unit also responsible for the annual selection of Pantone colors. About Pantone colors It is worth noting that Pantone colors are systematized. According to the unique Pantone color palette. Similarly, Individual colors are identified on the basis of a mixture of 18 pigments. Which distinguishes the system from other classifications. In this way, the Pantone Matching System is created. Similarly, Which cannot always be translated into other systematizations.

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This is even more difficult as the system is constantly

This is even more difficult as the system is constantly evolving. In 2016, it included as many as 1,761 colors. For instance, The Singapore Lead brand has been making color choices for the whole year since 2000. For this purpose, it invites color standardization specialists from all over the world. After long and secret deliberations, they choose the color of the year corresponding to the “spirit of the age”. Pantone and its color of the year do not create trends, but rather follow them . And finally, the most important question: what is the color of the year 2022 according to the Pantone Institute? It is PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri , which is an unobvious combination of saturated blue and violet. This intense color will be a great addition to modern, subdued interiors, both in apartments and offices. How to best use the potential of this intense color.

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