There are two reasons for this: 1. Direct results are not enough because website videos have a supporting function. That is why it is especially important to know what a visitor does after watching. With this information, you can determine how much engagement the video has generated from the viewer and thereby contributed (directly or indirectly) to the goals of your Page. For example, the following questions are interesting: How many people request a quote or demo after seeing the video? How many pages on your website does the viewer visit after watching the video?

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Which pages does the viewer visit after watching the video? These numbers, compared to the same data regarding non-viewers, tell you something about the specific contribution of the video. 2. Instant viewing results can actually show a different picture Albania Phone Number these results are compared to the general statistics of your page. So you can get excited if your website video has scored 2,000 views per month according to YouTube. But if this video is on a page that has received 100,000 visitors, it can be disappointing. Or at least require further analysis. Since video on your website is part of your entire content strategy, you need to see video metrics in context with overall page metrics to appreciate them.

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Someone who makes a video for the website. The right data in clear dashboards Knowing which data is important is step 1. Retrieving and organizing the data is step 2 (and 3). Fortunately, this is easy to do. To have all the relevant data, you just have to make sure that the video statistics are loaded into Google Analytics. You can link different video players to Google Analytics by entering a UA code (tracking ID). But when using YouTube, this is not necessary and your video statistics are already loaded automatically. You can find the video statistics via Google Analytics under Events.

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