Once you know more about your audience, you can start developing personas. A persona is an archetype that represents your audience or one of your audience segments.

Look for patterns and common data points in your market research to identify your main audience segments. The personas you create should reflect the main characteristics, goals, and pain points that the members of an audience segment are likely to share.

Personas are a useful tool because they help you relate to your audience. You can also create a typical buyer’s journey map for each persona since there might be similarities and differences in how prospects consume content and move along the demand generation funnel.

Cost Per Acquisition

Now is also a good time to calculate your average cost-per-acquisition. You can divide your total marketing spend by the number of new customers you got over a certain period.

Your cost-per-acquisition will give you an idea of how effective your Accounting Directors Email Lists current marketing efforts are. It’s a benchmark you can use to set goals for your demand generation campaigns.

You can refine this important metric by calculating your CPA for the different channels you use. It’s a good way to identify the channels that seem to work best.

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Customer Lifetime Value

Another metric you should calculate is your average customer lifetime value. This number reflects the total value of a customer from the moment of their first purchase to the moment they stop being a customer.

Because retention tends to cost a lot less than acquisition, it’s important to track this metric and implement strategies that will make customers want to remain loyal to your brand.

You can also connect your findings regarding CLV to the insights you were able to obtain from doing market research to figure out which prospects are likely to have a higher CLV or which strategies you can implement during the early awareness stages to boost the overall CLV of a new customer.

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