follow the marked extension, the number of keywords and references, the way of citing, etc. Since we want to publish in that journal and our manuscript will be reviewed, in Tuvalu Email List many cases free of charge, by various specialists on the subject, we must follow, one hundred percent, the rules for authors if we want editors to send our manuscript to the reviewers. 2 “Plagiarism”. Tuvalu Email List Editors check the articles that come to them with a professional plagiarism program and many are dismissed for the percentage of plagiarism they have. Do not assume that all journals will do a quantitative and qualitative reading of the percentage of plagiarism and / or self-plagiarism that your manuscript will obtain (many do not) and, to Tuvalu Email List avoid surprises, it is advisable to pass a plagiarism detection program before sending

The Email Marketer’s Three Best Friends

the document. article to the magazine. 3 “Bad magazine selection.” Tuvalu Email List Our article may be very good, but it has to “fit” in the journal in which we intend to publish it, so when selecting this we have to take into account, among other aspects, its thematic line, the existence of monographs or no, its focus, the periodicity and the number of manuscript by number, its Tuvalu Email List percentage of acceptance / rejection, etc. If we do not take these aspects into account, our work will be rejected. 4 “Do not conduct the Discussion.” We found that a good number of articles that want to be evaluated do not carry out this basic Tuvalu Email List section in scientific writing (we already talked about its importance in.

Tuvalu Email List

another entry in this School of authors) and, on many occasions, they confuse it with the Conclusion. 5 “Double, triple the information.” Scientific writing is characterized Tuvalu Email List by its precision, clarity and brevity. It is a way of writing where ideas are presented in an orderly, concise and fluent way and, however, we find on numerous occasions that an idea described in plain text is Tuvalu Email List then presented again in a table and, in addition, a third time in a figure. 6 “Incorrect bibliographic search, bad establishment of the -state of the art-” Needless to say, the importance that the editors attach to this section, if you want to Tuvalu Email List publish in scientific journals of excellence and great impact, delimit the state of the

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