Cinema and literature have perpetuated a rather malevolent image of artificial intelligence (AI). Bound according to gossip to rebel against its creators (humans) and end up ruling the world. But, what if the story that books. And feature films have told us were completely false and the bad guys in the movie were actually humans?

According to a study by the Ludwig Maximiliam University of Munich and the University of London. People display alarmingly inconsiderate behavior towards intelligent machines. “We all expect AI to show consideration for people, but no one expects humans to be considerate of machines,” the study’s authors stress.

Reluctance to Cooperate with Machines

Humans’ reluctance to cooperate with machines is a major challenge for future human-AI interaction. Emphasizes Jurgis Karpus, a researcher at Ludwig Maximiliam University Munich. In their report, the authors examined whether Guatemala WhatsApp Number List people were as helpful and cooperative in their dealings with intelligent machines as they were in their dealings with other people. This is an absolutely trivial aspect that will have to be taken into account in the future in the case, for example, of autonomous driving (where AI and humans must display a collaborative spirit).

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Humans tend to exploit machines for their own benefit and show no remorse.
However, it seems that this collaborative spirit is rather sparing in humans. “Our study shows that people initially place the same trust in machines as in other human beings: and most assume that both parties will cooperate,” says Karpus. Still, it doesn’t take long for the differences between humans and AI to surface.

People Are Much Less Likely to Account for Their Reciprocity

“Towards machines than they are towards other humans. And they even exploit the ‘good nature’ of machines for their own benefit. This is especially problematic in the specific case of autonomous driving. A human would, for example, give way to another human driver, but not to an autonomous car “, he underlines.

“The big difference in the behavior we show with machines compared to the way we treat other humans is that we have no problem abusing AI and doing so without showing any remorse,” he says, for his part, Bahador Bahrami, a researcher at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

“ We all want AI to be trustworthy and show consideration for humans. But these criteria are clearly insufficient when it comes to modeling AI. On an individual level it might be a completely forgivable act to refuse to cooperate with robots, but for society, as a whole such behavior could turn out to be absolutely nefarious”, emphasizes Ophelia Delroy, philosopher and co-author of the report.

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