Sea but it will not have the same function. This also happens in photography. You are photographing the canyon here in Livadia but you have to make it your canyon and you will do that when the rock becomes a significance for the photograph along with the sky that is visible. This is poetry. If you don’t make it you’ve given away a tip. As with bad poetry you say the little water chirps like the little bird. It’s bad poetry. DL Nice interesting point. Shall I expand it a bit Is there a repeatability relationship I mean a good photo you can look at for a minute I guess the best photo but you can look at it again like… PR like poetry.

DL A poem by Elytis

PR Very correct very correct observation. And in fact I believe what you say so much I believe that one minute is an unimaginably long time. Dl Yes Philippines Photo Editor as an Exaggeration Pr in. Other Words I’m Saying That You Should See the. Photo as Soon as Possible and Come Back. That’s Why When I Make Exhibitions I Put Many Photos Close. Together and Smaller So That the Eye Leaves One and Returns to It Again. Just Like in a Poem You Read a Verse It Stays in Your Head You Close the Book Leave. It on Your Nightstand and the Next Night You Have the Need to Open It Again. It is Very True What You Said and That is Why I Feel Sorry for the Viewers Who Feel the Burden of Having. To Look at a Picture for a Long Time as We Have Learned to Do With a Painting. Your painting slowly reveals itself in its details.

Philippines Photo Editor

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In its entirety. With the four sides.  forget her. Want to revisit this photo. DL Nice. Who is your favorite painter PR There are too many but DL. what is the Singapore Lead relationship between photography and painting PR None. We just learned that they are both flat and possibly hanging on the wall. The main difference between photography and painting the two main differences for anyone listening to us to understand is that painting has materiality. So you see a painting by Van Gong Van Gong was there in the painting in front and he was catching it. We have his physical presence. The painting that’s why it has a logic I want it mine I’ll keep it in my house I’ll put it in my safe it’s mine. The photo is a trace there is no original in the photo.

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