Coutinho. among others. Which will allow him to use his images to promote his merchandise. In statements to the media by the team’s president. Josep Maria Bartomeu. He indicated that it is an honor for FC Barcelona to be associated with a prestigious brand; while he stressed that the partnership means the players will continue to be influential on and off the pitch.The adventures of fans who do their best to accompany their teams in international competitions are a great opportunity for publicity. Content marketing and storytelling have been responsible for positioning stories as one of the most used references by marketing to connect with audiences. So basing your content on real stories gives a greater sense of belonging to the stories.

Four years ago. Five Mexican friends went to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. During the competition they promised each other that they would attend the next fair. In such a way that they prepared the trip to Russia; this as told by friends to Gizmodo in Spanish . They bought a school bus. modified it and painted it with Mexican references. As stated. the wife of one of the characters did not let one of the friends go to Russian lands. because of this. And in order to complete the group. those who were going to travel decided to print a real-size cardboard image ; At the same time. The message “My old lady did not let me go” was placed on the chest of the figure’s shirt .

Reversing What Happened

Once installed at the World Cup Bahrain whatsapp number list  The cardboard image caught the attention of people. regardless of nationality. They were surprised by the figure. This fact caught the attention of the media and news agencies who gave extensive coverage to the experiences of the cardboard character. As the days went by. The missing “true” friend replaced the cardboard one. So the team was completed. The experiences of the cardboard character were told through the press and social networks; in such a way that the contents also generated interest and gave exposure to a figure who lived a person’s dream. But who has the complexity of connecting with people. This fact shows the brands that experiences of this type attract attention and that they continue to be valid over the years.


One of the examples that best explains this is the “Edgar falls” commercial made by Emperor cookies; although with the evolution of advertising. Creating a story would be more attractive. From Euromericas Sport Marketing revealed that the 2014 World Cup in Brazil was watched on television by 3.1 billion people around the world. W represented an interesting showcase for brands at an international. regional and local level. The figures for the current World Cup in Russia are not yet known but it is expected that the number will be exceeded. The relevance of the international event is undeniable. Which is why FIFA makes announcements regarding it. Advantage of its popularity at this time prior to the final.

When The Brand With

Today. he revealed that Qatar 2022 will be historic. Because even waiting for there to be 32 or 48 teams. World Cup will be played from November to December for the first time in history . “The World Cup will be from November 21 to December 18. 2022. Leagues around the world are informed and will have to adapt their calendar accordingly. It’s the right decision in the end because you can’t play in June and July in Qatar.” FIFA President Gianni Infantino said . For the manager. playing in November and December will increase the pace and quality of the players. Remembering that the leagues start in August . “In November and December the players are very ready to play a World Cup because it’s almost at the beginning of the season.” he added.

Most of the European championships would arrive within two months of having started. Gianni also clarified that the possible increase in Selections will be discussed in a few months. Although at the moment the tournament is being planned with 32 teams. like the previous World Cups On Sunday. July 15. the final of the 2018 World Cup in Russia will be played. However. the 1592 days are already counting until the next World Cup tournament starts. A little over a week before the 2018 Closing Tournament begins. Mexican soccer will add a new sponsor. According to a report from the sports journalist. David Medrano for Récord announced that Linio will join the Atlas jersey for next season. The online store of Mexican origin will appear in the Zorros uniform. Although it is not specified where.

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