Kantar, a world leader in data, insights, consulting and provider of audience measurement solutions in 56 markets, has been chosen in the United Kingdom by Origin , the industry initiative led by the official body of advertisers in the United Kingdom, ISBA, as the provider of a single panel audience to develop a cross-media measurement system.

At the same time, the company has just launched its “Cross Media Performance” solution in Latin America with Unilever as one of its first clients. Thus, Kantar now has the cross-media audience measurement system with the largest global coverage and the one that has expanded most rapidly.

Project Origin Has Been Designed to Meet the Needs of Advertisers

Seeking to learn about and plan campaigns in the digital environment and on the online platforms of TV networks. Kantar has been the company of choice to build a single-source panel. That will act as the “true source” for the replication model that will be at the core of the service. The panel will measure advertising exposure across all linear and online channels and will include private data, in accordance with current privacy get free thailand phone number legislation with proprietary data from global and local platforms.

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In addition, Joe Lewis, Research Lead at Origin explained. “We are proud to partner with Kantar to shape cross-media measurement in the UK. Working closely with our colleagues at ANA in the US and WFA around the world. For the advertising industry. For instance, It will mean the security of a model built to the highest standards. Kantar has an established position in the market, as well as the experience and knowledge to build and develop high-quality panels that will be essential to our use in the future.”

Cross Media Performance in Latin America

On the other hand, Kantar has just launched Cross Media Performance in Brazil and Colombia. A solution that offers unique and official metrics to measure and attribute the results of cross-media advertising campaigns in real-time. Cross Media Performance provides a single view of campaign results across all platforms. Apps and devices through online interfaces and dashboards.

After that, The solution tracks campaign reach and frequency. As well as audience demographics, drawing data from TV audience panels. Directly from global partners. Cross Media Performance has been develope with an open. Flexible methodology to integrate information from large-scale datasets and Kantar dashboard assets.

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