Although this is certainly an opportunity. it can be said that it is an extremely costly opportunity because it implies the launch of several projects in already very saturated land. and in several countries at the same time. that is. a bidding war to go up in Google search results. affiliation to upload the best places. in this case. Paris. France to visit on Trip Advisor. etc.. things that for the so-called Center Pompidou are out of the budget to pay. Thus. to attract foreign tourists to the Center Pompidou. the entities involved took on the task of creating Souvenirs de Paris to publicize a site that had no reputation. key works. media.

Legitimacy or content. What exactly did they do? As the name of the campaign might imply a little. for this publicity effort the idea was to create statuettes of the Center Pompidou and sell them in the middle of the already known ones (such as those of the Eiffel Tower) to exaggerate the fame of the center and convince tourists that it was a place they couldn’t forget while in town. As narrated by the entities involved. the campaign took a shortcut to gain notoriety by assuming key elements that precisely represent the notorious places. in this case the statuettes and street vendors.

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These vendors were leveraged as the Ivory coast whatsapp number list influencers of the campaign. However. this was only one of the elements that made up the Souvenirs de Paris campaign. The effort. in fact. is the first film branded by the Georges Pompidou National Center for Art and Culture in Paris for the international market. This film was produced. and deliberately created with a strong French accent. and subtitled in 43 languages with the ambition of making the place known internationally. In particular. the film is the recruitment tool to be used in the long term. The only one available to increase the number of foreign visitors. enough to achieve the objectives of this effort.

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The film can also be consider the centerpiece of the campaign. which the center promote in public relations. in anticipation of the next season. to reach tourists during the planning of their trips. Going into more detail. the Center Pompidou and the agency took on the task of producing 30.000 statuettes to sell them in 300 different places. covering streets and large monuments and museums. Thus. the campaign that can be consider guerrilla was launch on August 26. 2018 and later the branded film was publish from November 15 to 29 of that same month. Results A couple of months after the film was released. the campaign achieved some interesting numbers. for example.

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On the other hand. it was possible to considerably increase. Traffic to the website from countries such as the United States. Mexico. Canada. Argentina and France. This increase represents a 321 percent boost since the Souvenirs de Paris film was release. The advertising piece also had various spinoffs in many countries. And in terms of attendance at the Center Pompidou the impact translated into an overall. Increase of 5 percent and a further 18 percent for the permanent collections of the place. Which translates into 3.5 million of visitors to the site. On the other hand. from the advertising section. The campaign managed to win at least 5 awards in the last edition of the Cannes Lions festival.

Having among the highlights a silver lion and a gold one in the Outdoor category. Here are the facts marketers. advertisers. and media must master before starting this Tuesday. Facebook The Menlo Park company tries to be more transparent. Or at least that is what is sense with one of its most recent actions. The firm release some of the guidelines it uses to make content recommendations to Facebook and Instagram users. The guidelines are essentially a set of rules that the company’s team follows to determine. What kind of content is “eligible” to appear prominently in each app.

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