it is appropriate to take into account a series of basic aspects for writing and submitting papers to the international scientific publishing community: DespiteIreland Email List grammatical, syntactic, and usage errors, non-native researchers can defend effective papers on the basis of clarity, logic, and conciseness of ideas. In this case, for example, Spanish is given to lavishness and complexity. Also, authors Ireland Email List should be aware that journal reviewers and editors cannot dedicate sufficient time and resources to unravel a manuscript. That is, they must be able to understand, without difficulty, what is being exposed. Therefore, we invite you to become aware and start from a fact that, although widely consolidated, continues to Ireland Email List be a scientific gap in the non-Anglo-Saxon community.

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To speed up the editorial process, publications usually send these reports to the authors, requesting major changes, with the understanding that they must address each of the observations of both reviewers. It is also common that when changes are requested (major and minor), Ireland Email List the journals forward the article to the reviewers to confirm that the requested modifications were included. For this reason, it is highly recommended that the revised manuscript be sent with change control Ireland Email List or with the changes highlighted, and even a separate document indicating, point by point, the changes made based on the recommendations. This ensures not only that this process is as expeditious as possible, Ireland Email List but that the reviewers verify at a glance that their opinions were taken into account.

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JCR-2019 ranking published: ‘Comunicar’ consolidates its Q1 Ignacio Ireland Email List | July 2 2020 This final week of June, as every year, the new Journal Citation Reports (the renowned JCR) has been published, Ireland Email List which includes the most prestigious and select list of scientific journals in the world and which serves as a reference in many countries to sanction the contributions most original and relevant research. The «Master Journal List» this year has Ireland Email List journals in all areas of knowledge from 83 countries (although the bias of the first English-speaking world is evident, although also of scientific-technical journals compared to socio-humanistic ones).

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