researchers interested in the subject on which see the play. If we want to guess the possibilities that a work has of being cited, we must take into Ghana Email List account the number of novel (and quality) elements that the work provides and put it in relation to its audience. The novel aspects have to do mainly with the results , but there are other important elements such as having a novel Ghana Email List methodology , an interesting sample or a rich and attractive introduction . All of these elements can be a separate reason for a work to receive citations. Likewise, potential readers (and future Ghana Email List ) are not limited to the audience of a journal, but rather the authors themselves have their audience that overlaps to a greater or lesser degree with that of the rest of the co-authors according to the shared aspects.

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For this reason, international collaboration is also an Ghana Email List element that increases the chances that a work will be cited. Seeing that the factors that influence the frequency of citation were many and diverse and affect this objective to a greater or lesser extent, Alicia Moreno-Delgado, Ignacio Ghana Email List and a server, we decided to publish a somewhat more extensive work than a simple post and of On the way to inaugurate a journal that is called to be a benchmark in Ibero-American Bibliometric studies. Therefore, we recommend the following reading if the reader is still interested in delving into the different factors that affect whether or not a work is cited. Ghana Email List , R., Moreno-Delgado, A,

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Factors that influence the frequency of citation of an article. Journal of Science Measurement and Communication, Ghana Email List Bodies and calls for funding Ignacio Ghana Email List | September 28 2020 The works that are published in highly indexed scientific journals are not usually the result of individual work, but rather of groups of researchers who, in a planned and rigorous way, undertake the resolution of problems based on projects prepared and presented to public calls. research. Obviously, research in solitude is possible, Ghana Email List whether it is the result of a doctoral thesis or any other type of research, because it is also feasible that brilliant, genuine and valuable works are produced on an individual level that result in exceptional manuscripts and out of series.

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